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PSS - Range 7

As of September 1, 2014.

Minimum Mid-Point Maximum
$34,873.00 | $2,906.08 | $16.77 $47,950.00 | $3,995.83 | $23.06 $61,026.00 | $5,085.50 | $29.34

JTC Job Title FLSA
CK5 Academic Advisor II (PDF - 15KB) E
T10 Accountant (PDF - 15KB) E
NC0 Accounts Payable Specialist (PDF - 14KB) N
CV2 Administrative Assistant II (PDF - 15KB) N
CZ1 Administrative Assistant to the Instructional Dean II (PDF - 22KB) N
ND4 Administrative/Legal Assistant (PDF - 14KB) N
​T17 Buyer (PDF - 14KB) ​E
CBK College Financial Aid Advisor (PDF - 18KB) N
CN6 College Purchasing Coordinator (PDF - 16KB) N
​CBA Coordinator, Allied Health & Simulation Lab (PDF - 15KB) E​
T43 Coordinator, Business Services (PDF - 13KB) E
TF3 Coordinator, Graphic Services (PDF - 14KB) E
CK6 Coordinator, Health Occupations Admissions (PDF - 15KB) E
EAG Coordinator of Multimedia Productions (PDF - 13KB) E
TM4 Coordinator, Science Learning Lab (PDF - 13KB) E
CM3​ Coordinator Small Business Management Support Services (PDF - 14KB) ​N
CV3 Coordinator, Theatre Technical Services (PDF - 91KB) E
CL8 Curriculum Specialist II (PDF - 14KB) E
CO4 DFW Education Center Facilities Coordinator (PDF - 15KB) N
​CJJ District Financial Aid Support I (PDF - 15KB) N​​
CI5 District Transcript Evaluator (PDF - 13KB) N
 CZ0 Financial Aid Information Call Center Agent (PDF - 18KB) N
CF6 Grants Manager II (PDF - KB) E
N88 Graphics Designer (PDF - 13KB) N
CH3 Head Athletic Coach (PDF - 14KB) N
CR6 Human Resources Specialist III (PDF - 15KB) N
CE5 Instructional Applications Integration Specialist (PDF - 13KB) Y
CPQ Instructional Lab Coordinator (PDF - 13KB) E
TM9 Instructional Specialist II (PDF - 13KB) E
CNP Instructional Support Veterinary Program Coordinator (PDF - 14KB) E
CZ8 International Small Business Services Coordinator (PDF - 18B) E
CL0 International Student Specialist II (PDF - 15KB) N
TH7 Manager, College Testing Center (PDF - 13KB) E
CQ7 Marketing Information Specialist (PDF - 14KB) N
CAF Outreach & Recruitment Specialist II (PDF - 18KB) E
​EAT PEIMS Data Specialist (PDF - 15KB) ​N
N47 Photographer (PDF - 19KB) N
TD6 Program Services Specialist (PDF - 19KB) N
CL3 Purchasing Technical Specialist (PDF - 15KB) N
TA5 Rehabilitation Specialist (PDF - 15KB) E
TA8 Research Associate (PDF - 14KB) N
CPR Room Use Coordinator (PDF - 14KB) E
T24 Senior Career Planning Specialist (PDF - 13KB) E
CDA Senior Coordinator, Continuing Education Office (PDF - 13KB) E
EAD Sr. Specialist, Student Publications (PDF - 13KB) E
CB7 Student Programs Development Coordinator (PDF - 14KB) E
CBE​ Team Leader, Financial Aid (PDF - 20KB) ​N
  CH4 Transfer Services Specialist I (PDF - 19KB) N
CW6 Veterinary Technology Program, Instructional Applications Integration Specialist (PDF - 15KB) E


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