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PSS - Range 6

As of September 1, 2014.

Salary Yearly Monthly Hourly (40)
$30,984.00 $2,582.03 $14.90


Job Title


TK8 Academic Advisor (PDF - 15KB) E
CL7 Academic/Communications Coordinator (PDF 18KB) E
N51 Administrative Assistant (PDF - 15KB) N
CF1 Administrative Assistant to the Instructional Dean (PDF - 15KB) N
TE0 Assistant Accountant (PDF - 13KB) N
C15 Associate Circulation Coordinator (PDF - 13KB) N
CG6 Assistant Coach (PDF - 12KB) N
T27 Associate Registrar (PDF - 13KB) E
T29 Career Planning Specialist (PDF - 28KB)  N
CI0 College Degree Audit Specialist (PDF - 14KB) N
T82 College Video Film Maker (PDF - 13KB) E
CPU Continuing Education Office Coordinator (PDF - 13KB) E
CK8 Continuing Education & Workforce Specialist (PDF - 14KB) E
T34 Coordinator of Testing (PDF - 13KB) E
TD5 Data Analyst (PDF - 14KB) N
CJD Distance Learning Information Coordinator (PDF - 13KB) N
CJ5 District Payroll Clerk (PDF - 14KB) N
N19 Electronics Technician II (PDF - 14KB) N
CZ5 Enrollment Services Generalist (PDF - 15KB) N
NE3 Faculty Contract & Load Specialist (PDF - 14KB) N
CBO Financial Aid Communications Assistant (PDF - 15KB) N
CPV Gallery Specialist (PDF - 11KB) E
CG4 Human Resources Assistant II (PDF - 15KB) N
TF9 Human Resources Services Coordinator (PDF - 14KB) N
CR5 Human Resources Specialist II (PDF - 14KB) N
CAG Information Desk Representative (PDF - 19KB) N
TM8 Instructional Specialist I (PDF - 14KB) E
T35 Instructional Support Associate (PDF - 14KB) N
CZ7 International Small Business Research Assistant (PDF - 18KB) N
TJ9 International Student Specialist (PDF - 15KB) N
​CY1 Kennel Manager/Technician (PDF - 15KB) ​N
CJN Library and Testing Center Specialist (PDF - 14KB) E
CNO Office Support Services Specialist (PDF - 14KB) E
CU4 Outreach & Recruitment Specialist I (PDF - 13KB) N
CM0 Program Services Assistant II (PDF - 15KB) N
​CJS Program Services Intern (PDF 17KB) ​N
CY0​​ Receptionist (PDF - 17KB) ​N
EAB Records Center and Archive Specialist (PDF - 14KB) N
NA5 Research Assistant (PDF - 13KB) N
TL3 Resource Development Associate II (PDF - 14KB) N
CX9 Rising Star Program Admissions Specialist (PDF - 15KB) N
TR6 School Alliances Associate (PDF - 15KB) E
CC0 Senior Adult Students Advisor (PDF - 13KB) E
CV8 Student Lab Technician (PDF - 18KB) N
T26 Student Program Development Specialist (PDF - 14KB) N
TT5 Technical Theatre Specialist II (PDF - 13KB) E
CJ9 Telecommunications Marketing Specialist (PDF - 14KB) N
​CV1 Tutor III (PDF - 13KB) ​N
TB2 Tutor Coordinator (PDF - 13KB) E


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Note: Locked documentsLogin required to access more compensation details.

If you have any questions or problems in regards to the job descriptions, please contact:

Esther Mireles-Martinez,, 972-860-8916.