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Administrator - Unbanded

As of September 1, 2008


Job Title


​ANJ Associate Vice Chancellor for Advancement, Executive Director of the DCCCD Foundation (PDF - 19KB) ​E
​AZ6 Associate Vice Chancellor, Business Affairs (PDF - 14KB) ​E
​AMS Associate Vice Chancellor Development/President DCCCD Foundations (PDF - 21KB) ​E
AHS Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Management/District Architect (PDF - 14KB) E
AO1​​ Associate Vice Chancellor, Global Workforce and Community Initiatives (PDF 18KB) ​E
AMW Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources - External and Reporting Activities (PDF - 21KB) E
AMV Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources - Operations and Services (PDF - 21KB) E
​APC Associate Vice Chancellor, Public & Governmental Affairs (PDF - 32KB) ​E
​ANG Associate Vice Chancellor, Strategic Initiatives (PDF - 16KB) ​E
​AOX ​Chief Talent Officer (PDF - 19KB) ​E
​AOU College President (PDF - 20KB) ​E
AON​​ Consortium President (PDF - 16KB) ​E
AHN Executive Director of Board Relations (PDF - 14KB) E
​AKH Executive District Director, Strategic Funding (PDF - 11KB) ​E
​APA Executive Vice Chancellor & Chief of Staff (PDF - 46KB) ​E
AKU Executive Vice Chancellor, Business Affairs (PDF - 20KB) E
ANR General Counsel (PDF - 26KB) E
AJT Provost (PDF - 12KB) E
AML Provost - (Educational Affairs) (PDF - 15KB) E
AOO Senior Executive, Development and Foundation Affairs (PDF - 19KB) E
AOV​ Vice Chancellor for Administration (PDF - 19KB) E​
​ANS Vice Chancellor, Educational Policy (PDF - 18KB) ​E
ALS Vice Chancellor, Public & Governmental Relations (PDF - 18KB) E
​AOT ​Vice Chancellor, Workforce and Economic Development (PDF 17KB) ​E

If you have any questions or problems with the job descriptions, please contact:

Esther Mireles-Martinez,, 972-860-8916.