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Administrator - Band V

As of September 1, 2014

Salary Yearly Monthly Hourly (40)
$80,010 $6,667.51

JTC Job Title FLSA
​ABO Assistant General Counsel (PDF - 18KB) ​E
ACA Associate District Director of Information Technology for Application Development (PDF - 18KB) E
​AAL Associate District Director, Information Technology/Network Services (PDF - 13KB) E​​
AAK Associate District Director, Information Technology for Strategic Planning, Educational Technology, & Internet Communications (PDF - 13KB) E
AKJ Chief Corporate and Workforce Development Officer (PDF - 15KB) E
AJY Chief Information Privacy and Security Officer (CIPSO) (PDF - 15KB) E
AGY District Director, Diversity Business Programs (PDF - 14KB) E
AJH District Director, Educational Technology (PDF - 14KB) E
AJ4 District Director, Financial Services/Comptroller (PDF - 15KB) E
AMU District Director, Health Careers Resource Center (PDF - 14KB) E
AIZ District Director, Human and Organizational Development (PDF - 15KB) E
AAM District Director, Information Technology (PDF - 13KB) E
A38 District Director, Institutional Research (PDF - 15KB) E
AJM District Director, Purchasing Services (PDF - 14KB) E
​ANU District Director, Resource Development (PDF - 18KB) ​E
AOA District Director, Stem Institute (PDF - 55KB) E
AOQ Executive Director, Compliance & Policy Formation (PDF - 16KB) E
AMJ Executive District Director, Edu. Planning, Policy Form & Comp & Sp Asst Exec VC of EA (PDF - 18KB) E
ALH Executive District Director, Financial Aid & Scholarship Programs (PDF - 17KB) E
AFZ Executive District Director, Internal Audit (PDF - 13KB) E
AKW Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs & Student Success (PDF - 20KB) E
AD3 Regional Director, North Texas Small Business Development Center (PDF - 13KB) E
AMG Superintendent, Charter High School/Associate Vice President for Educational Transitions (PDF - 18KB) E
AGS Vice President, Academic Affairs & Student Success (PDF - 14KB) E
ANI​ Vice President of Academic Affairs (PDF - 15KB) ​E
A58 Vice President, Business Services (PDF - 13KB) E
ACV Vice President, Community & Economic Development (PDF - 13KB) E
A57 Vice President, Instruction (PDF - 13KB) E
AOE Vice President, Instructional and Student Services (PDF - 14KB) E
ABS Vice President, Planning and Development (PDF - 13KB) E
A59 Vice President, Student Development (PDF - 12KB) E
ABV Vice President, Student Learning (PDF - 13KB) E
AGU Vice President, Student Services/Enrollment Management (PDF - 15KB) E
AOR Vice President of Workforce Education (PDF - 14KB) E

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 If you have any questions or problems in regards to the job descriptions, please contact: Esther Mireles-Martinez,, 972-860-8916.