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Administrator - Band I

As of September 1, 2014

Salary Yearly Monthly Hourly (40)
$45,175 $3,764.56 $21.72


Job Title


AU2 Assistant Dean, Center for Independent Study (PDF - 13KB)    E
A10 Assistant Dean, Continuing Education I (PDF- 13KB) E
AMF Assistant Dean, Student Support Services (PDF - 18KB) E
AT3 Assistant Director, Enrollment Management/Registrar (PDF - 13KB) E
A79 Assistant Director of Student Programs & Resources (PDF - 10KB) E
AAB Assistant Instructional Dean/Chair (PDF - 12KB) E
ALY College Athletic Programs Director (PDF - 19KB)     E
AAH College Director School Alliance/Institutional Outreach (PDF - 13KB) E
A96 Computer Lab Administrator (PDF - 12KB) E
AJZ Coordinator, Center for Child and Family Studies Lab (PDF - 14KB) E
A82 Coordinator, Jail Programs (PDF - 11KB) E
AE7 Coordinator Small Business Development Training (PDF - 14KB) E
AE8 Coordinator Small Business Management Counseling (PDF - 13KB) E
AMM​ Director I (PDF - 13KB) ​E
A00 Director, Center for Independent Studies (PDF - 9KB) E
A71 Director, Health Center (PDF - 18KB) E
A83 Director of Career Services (PDF - 12KB) E
AM3 Director of College Police (PDF - 14KB) E
ADY Director of College Programs (PDF - 14KB) E
ACU Director of Community Programs (PDF - 12KB) E
AM9 Director of Institutional Research (PDF - 12KB) E
A70 Director of Student Programs & Resources (PDF - 12KB) E
AA2 Director of Testing (PDF - 14KB) E
AKG District Accounts Payable Manager (PDF - 15KB) E
ANP District Coordinator of Academic Programs and Services (PDF - 13KB) E
ACK Emeritus Program Director (PDF - 14KB) E
ACP  Librarian IV E
AEW Program Administrator (PDF - 12KB) E
AFL Program Coordinator (PDF - 13KB) E
A91 Program Director Career & Continuing Education (PDF - 13KB) E
AJN Senior Financial Analyst II (PDF - 14KB) E
ALF​ Sustainability Program Director (PDF 15KB E​


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​If you have any problems or questions in regards to job descriptions, please contact: Esther Mireles-Martinez,, 972-860-8916.