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A broad review of the Human Resource Operational Guidelines is in process, and the online reference is not currently available.  If you have a question requiring an immediate answer, please contact the location Human Resources Office or Talent Central for assistance.

DCCCD offers fair-price compensation to its employees as well as other types of compensation for those who meet the requirements. 

Job Evaluations/Promotions

Administrator Job Evaluation

Faculty Job Evaluation

PSS Progress Discussion

Performance Review - Progress Discussion Guidelines

PSS Job Evaluation

  • PSS Regular Job Evaluation - coming soon
  • Regular Job Evaluation Steps - coming soon
  • FAQs - coming soon

Promotion Guideline - Job Reclassification (Adhoc)


Administrator Rules of Equity

Salary Recommendation for Current Year

Other Compensation & Stipends


Full-time Faculty

IT Employees

All Employees

Bilingual Compensation

Overtime/Compensatory Time

Faculty & Adjunct Faculty and Others Supplemental Agreement Policies