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Fire Protection Technology

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Photo of a house on fire
Photo of firefighters spraying water on a fire
Photo of a fire protection student

Have you thought of becoming a firefighter but don’t know where to start? Are you up to the challenge of a job that’s different every day? Would you like to work in a position where you can help people daily? Are you already in a public service profession where specialty skills could advance your career?

El Centro College’s Fire Protection Technology program could be the start of a rewarding new career for you — or give you valuable advancement potential if you’re already working as a peace officer or in another area of public service.

The program’s curriculum aligns with the national model developed by the U.S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Academy to create a standard fire science curriculum for institutions across the country. El Centro’s Fire Protection Technology courses are also being coordinated with area high schools for students who want to pursue careers in emergency and fire management services.

Get started in Fire Protection Technology today!

The program includes a core of program-specific technical subjects, along with academic courses such as computer applications, speech communication and business for a well-rounded education. Program-specific courses include:

  • Building Construction in the Fire Service
  • Fire Administration
  • Fire and Arson Investigation
  • Fire Chemistry
  • Fire Prevention Codes and Inspections
  • Fire Service Hydraulics
  • Firefighting Strategies and Tactics
  • Firefighter Health and Safety
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Legal Aspects of Fire Protection
  • Fire Protection Technology Degree and Certificate Options

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