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Links to Additional Conflict Management Information

photo of board members negotiating

Note: Links to the following websites are provided for your convenience and information and do not constitute official endorsement by the colleges of DCCCD.

  • American Arbitration Association is an international professional organization that offers both individual and corporate membership options.
  • Association of Attorney-Mediators is a nonprofit trade association whose members are qualified, independent attorney-mediators offering mediation services.
  • Association for Conflict Resolution is a national professional organization that operates a referral service for family and divorce mediations and has various levels of membership available that relate to a mediator’s credentials.
  • International Academy of Mediators defines standards and qualifications for professional mediators of commercial disputes and focuses on educating the public, courts and legislative bodies on effective and appropriate uses of the mediation process as the preferred means of resolving disputes.
  • National Association for Community Mediation supports the maintenance and growth of community-based mediation programs and processes and encourages the development and sharing of resources among policymaking, legislative, professional and other arenas.
  • Texas Association of Mediators promotes and encourages the use of mediation in the state, disseminates information to the public, enhances communication among mediators and sponsors continuing education opportunities.
  • Texas Mediation Trainers Roundtable is an organization that sets standards for mediation training and trainers in Texas.
  • Texas Mediator Credentialing Association (TMCA) offers voluntary credentialing to all mediators in Texas who qualify and reviews applicants’ qualifications against established minimum standards of training, experience and continuing education in the mediation field.