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Medical Front Office Careers

photo of a medical staff member

Front Office vs. Back Office

The medical field has two distinct areas. “Front office” personnel work with patient records, insurance billing, computerized accounting, patient databases, transcription of dictated notes and applying standardized codes to patient records, among other responsibilities.

“Back office” personnel are the care providers, including physicians, nurses and a variety of assistants. Front office skills allow you to work in a medical facility without direct patient contact — using information technology skills to work in a health care setting.

What Does a Medical Front Office Assistant Do?

Special skills are necessary for handling a busy and demanding medical office. Front office support professionals perform administrative duties such as dealing with incoming and outgoing patients, scheduling and monitoring appointments and creating and maintaining patient records.

Employers are looking for workers who are skilled in computer knowledge, diversity, teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills. As a Medical Front Office student, you’ll be trained in common medical terminology, medical office procedures, medical software applications, medical basic coding and medical insurance — so you can go right to work.

Medical Front Office At a Glance

Looking for a quick overview of the Medical Front Office program? Take a look at Medical Front Office at a Glance for a closer look at what a medical front office assistant does.

Job Opportunities and Growth

Opportunities for employment in Medical Front Office include:

  • Billing service organizations
  • Health care agencies
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Long-term or extended-care settings
  • Medical insurance companies
  • Medical specialist practices
  • Primary health care organizations
  • Surgical centers

America’s Career Infonet gives detailed information about the skills, abilities, work activities and recommended education for jobs in fields using Medical Front Office program skills, which may include:

Salaries and Projected Job Growth

According to America’s Career Infonet, these occupations include the following salaries in Texas:

Job Hourly Rate Annual Salary Projected Growth Through 2018
Medical records and health information technicians $14.74 $30,700 +21%
Medical secretaries $13.59 $28,300 +30%
Medical transcriptionists $15.67 $32,600 +18%