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Community Health Care Worker at a Glance

image of a home health care aide assisting a patient
Note: Community Health Care Worker are continuing education/non-credit programs.

What does a community health care worker do?

  • Provides patients and families with emotional support and instruction in areas such as caring for infants, preparing healthy meals, living independently, or adapting to disability or illness
  • Mobilizes patients with moving in and out of beds, baths, wheelchairs or automobiles, and dressing and grooming
  • Triages and checks patients' pulse, temperature, and respiration
  • Maintains records of patient care, condition, progress, or problems to report and discuss observations with supervisor or case manager

What is the career outlook?

  • Work as a home health or hospice aide can be both physically and emotionally demanding due to the close interaction and care with patients
  • Most aides work with a number of different patients each job varying in time
  • Generally aides work alone and requires travel to patient homes
  • In Texas: median salaries of $8.75-$16.33 per hour or $18,200-$34,000 annually*
    Dallas County: median salaries of $9.67-$18.67 per hour or $20,100-$38,800 annually*

Statistics are included only as guidelines and will vary with fluctuations in the economy and job market. More specific local hiring and salary information can be obtained at individual college information sessions for a particular health careers program.

Awards and coursework

El Centro

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Community Health Worker



For more information, visit the Texas Department of State Health Services website.   

Who can help me decide which health science career is best for me?

Contact the Health Careers Resource Center.

What more to I need to know?

Learn more about El Centro College's Community Health Aide Worker program

*America's Career Infonet 2011 data for Community Health Worker & Home Health Aide