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Mortgage Banking

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Are you drawn to the orderly world of numbers but still want a career that involves people? Do you enjoy problem-solving, analyzing information and working as part of a cooperative team?

Whether you’re a new college student looking for an interesting and challenging career path or a mortgage broker or loan officer needing to earn or renew your license, North Lake College’s Mortgage Banking program will give you the edge that you need to succeed in this competitive but rewarding field.

North Lake College is the only college of the DCCCD and one of the few community colleges in the nation to offer an associate degree program in Mortgage Banking.

Get started in Mortgage Banking today!

Ours was the first Mortgage Banking associate degree program created in the country and remains the oldest fully accredited program in the U.S. Created in 1991, the program was the result of requests from industry leaders to provide specialized education for entry- and higher-level positions in the mortgage-lending field.

North Lake’s Mortgage Banking program can prepare you for a career in:

  • Mortgage banking
  • Mortgage brokerage
  • Loan originating, processing, servicing or collection
  • Real estate finance
  • Property management
  • Real estate sales
  • Retail banking
  • Secondary marketing
  • Warehousing

Even if you’re not considering a professional career in the finance industry, our courses in Mortgage Banking and related programs can help you manage your own money and gain financial stability.

Mortgage Banking Degree and Certificate Options

North Lake College


  • The Mortgage Banking Associate in Applied Sciences Degree provides in-depth training in the field of mortgage banking. Specific technical skills include instruction in how to originate, process and manage mortgage loans. Other relevant areas include real estate, planning and organization, problem solving and decision making, communication, accounting and business skills. This degree can be completed in two years by a full-time student but may take longer if you are also working.
  • The Financial Services Professional Certificate is a two-semester award that prepares students for jobs in banking, mortgage lending and servicing, retail credit and collections, finance, insurances, real estate and stock brokerage. Its primary focus is on developing a life-term financial plan and evaluating various investments.
  • The Designate Certificate can be completed in three semesters.
  • The Intern Skills Achievement Award provides the skills and knowledge to obtain an entry-level position.

View Gainful Employment information for Mortgage Banking.