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Ashley Hurst

photo of Ashley Hurst

General Assistant
Evergreen Architectural Group

“I like how work is different every day. You might work in CADD, talk to a dozen different people — there’s always something different to do on the list. I’ve learned computer and graphic skills, rendering, professional skills, how to present and give interviews, and how to interact with people in showrooms.

“My ultimate goal is to design children’s facilities, in hospitals, schools or child care facilities. I like kids and I love interior design, and that would be a way to do both.

“I think the program has given us skills to get us out there in the job market — so companies will want us. It’s really a broad education.

“My advice to prospective students is that this is a lot harder and more time-consuming than you could ever imagine. It’s not just a nine-to-five, Monday-through-Friday job. You’ve got to be dedicated. But the payoff is good — great design helps people to live better in their spaces.”

Ashley Hurst, who has no formal job title, works for Evergreen Architectural Group, an Uptown designer for churches, commercial, residential and apartment complexes.

Her varying job duties include serving as receptionist, working in accounting and helping project managers. She began third-year Interior Design classes at El Centro in fall 2008.