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Internet Development Technologies

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Are you interested in a high-tech job with a variety of career applications? Would you like to combine cutting-edge computer skills with an outlet for your more artistic inclinations? Can you see yourself as an entrepreneur, carving out your niche and being the boss of your schedule and workload?

If any of these appeal to you, you’re a perfect candidate for our dynamic Internet Development Technologies program, offered at El Centro College in downtown Dallas.

We offer a two-year associate degree and six separate certificates that can launch you into a competitive marketplace with skills ranging from Internet marketing to interactive media development to website system administration and more.

Get started today in Internet Development Technologies!

If you’re just interested in accumulating the skills, all Internet Development Technologies courses are also offered for noncredit continuing education units.

The components of Web design and development are wide and varied, with hundreds of applications. Our courses teach disciplines including:

  • 2-D and 3-D animation
  • gaming (programming, modeling and rendering)
  • graphic design and illustration
  • multimedia (audio, photography, Flash)
  • Web design and programming
  • Java and database programming
  • analytics and eCommerce
  • marketing, project and strategic management

Our newest course offering: Motion Capture — Motion capture is the process of recording actions from human actors and translating that movement onto a digital model. It’s used in gaming, military, entertainment, sports and medical applications. In this course (GAME 1494), you’ll learn equipment components, setup, calibration and implementation of capturing human movement.

Internet Development Technologies Degree and Certificate Options

El Centro College

Our program offers the following awards:

  • The Internet Development Technologies Associate in Applied Sciences Degree is designed to provide specialized training for work on corporate website development teams. The program includes one semester of Internet Development Technologies Core Curriculum, followed by three semesters of study in one of four specialization tracks:
    • Website System Administration
    • Web Application Development
    • Interactive Media Development
    • Internet Marketing 

  • The Web Application Development Certificate emphasizes object-oriented programming tools to construct interactive, database-driven publishing and Internet marketing systems. This two-semester certificate includes object-oriented programming, Visual Basic, Java, Javascript, XHTML and DHTML, creating and maintaining Microsoft SQL Server, UNIX/Linux, Active Server Pages and databases.
  • The Advanced Web Application Development Certificate emphasizes programming. It combines course work from the IDT Core Curriculum with courses from the Web Application Development specialization track to provide a three-semester Web programming track.
  • The Interactive Media Development Certificate integrates text, digital graphics, audio and video materials into a media-rich Web information space. Areas of study in this two-semester program include interactive animations in Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and streaming audio and video.
  • The Internet Marketing Certificate emphasizes online Web marketing solutions. This two-semester certificate includes project analysis and design, marketing research and managing website development projects.
  • The OS Administration Certificate offers training in fundamental skills required for Operating System (OS) deployment, administration and maintenance. This three-semester certificate includes Open Source, Microsoft, Oracle, IIS and Apache Web Servers, along with other networking and programming topics.  
  • The Website System Administration Certificate stresses configuration, maintenance and management of server technologies used in delivering complex Web services. This two-semester certificate includes installing and configuring Windows, UNIX/Linux and Macintosh and monitoring and securing website servers.

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