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Internet Development Technologies Careers

photo of a person diagramming a process flow

Web design and development jobs encompass hundreds of applications in dozens of industries.

Wise Geek offers practical information on:

Web-related jobs vary widely in job title, but they may include:

  • Flash developer (2-D animation)
  • Web designer
  • Multimedia Web developer
  • Front end Web developer
  • Web content developer
  • Lead interface engineer
  • Flex/action script developer
  • Web animator
  • Mobile device programmer

Jobs in various disciplines may require Web skills, but without wording that identifies them as such, including:

  • Producer
  • Writer or copywriter
  • Editor or copy editor
  • Information architect
  • Product or program manager
  • Graphic designer
  • Layout artist
  • Digital developer

America’s Career Infonet gives detailed information about the skills, abilities, work activities and recommended education for jobs using skills that can be learned in Internet Development Technologies, which may include:

Salaries and Projected Job Growth

America’s Career Infonet gives information about jobs in fields using skills that can be learned in Internet Development Technologies, including the following median salaries across Texas:

Job Hourly Rate Annual Salary Projected Growth Through 2016
Computer specialists (including Web administrators and developers) $36.54 $76,000 14%
Multimedia artists and animators $24.84 $51,700 19%
Network and computer systems administrators $31.08 $64,600 22%