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Video Technology

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Have you always dreamed of being behind the camera but don’t know where to begin? Do you have an eye for capturing a story on film? Would you like to train to be a professional in the dynamic, creative and demanding world of video technology?

Skilled video technicians are in high demand in the video production, television broadcast and film industries. North Lake College’s unique program in Video Technology trains you to become part of this growing and exciting career field.

Want to see the kind of work our students learn to produce? Our video testimonials were produced by Video Technology student Steve Poirier with skills he gained in our program.

Get started in Video Technology today!

Our two-year associate degree program provides a comprehensive foundation for anyone interested in entering the video production or television broadcast arena, including:

  • Mastering equipment used in the video and film industries
  • The complete production process, from concept to script to production and post-production
  • Television production
  • Nonlinear video editing
  • Computer graphics, including 3-D modeling and rendering
  • Scriptwriting
  • Business aspects of the video industry
  • Animation, 3-D and visual effects
  • Broadcast engineering
  • Lighting
  • Audio and radio production

Located in the heart of Irving and Las Colinas, North Lake College is close to a number of companies in the video and film industry with numerous internship and job opportunities. Students participate in studio and remote productions, individual and group productions, and learn in the classroom and through on-the-job training.

With their video technology skills, qualified professionals can find work in the broadcast, corporate, institutional and entrepreneurial sectors. Get answers to your questions with the North Lake Video Technology program FAQs.

Video Technology Degree and Certificate Options

North Lake College


North Lake College is the only one of the seven colleges of DCCCD to offer a program in Video Technology, which includes: