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Management Careers

Management majors can find positions in all types of industries, such as:

  • manufacturing
  • retailing
  • banking
  • technology
  • and many more

Professional managerial positions are needed in large or small, for-profit or not-for-profit organizations. Positions include:

  • supervisors
  • first-line managers
  • middle managers
  • top managers
  • administrators
  • directors
  • officers
  • human resource managers
  • labor relations managers

Employment Outlook for Managers

Employment prospects for managers are strong. Job opportunities and advancement will depend significantly on your level of continued education, specialization and experience, as well as the type and size of the company you work for.

America’s Career Infonet gives detailed information about the skills, abilities, work activities and recommended education for jobs in fields using skills that can be learned in the Management program, which may include:

Salaries and Projected Job Growth

According to America’s Career Infonet, these occupations requiring management skills offer the following salaries in Texas. Most management jobs require education past the associate degree level and depend significantly on experience.

 Job Hourly Rate Annual Salary Projected Job Growth Through 2018
Administrative services managers $39.53 $82,200 +19%
Advertising and promotions managers $34.37 $71,500 +7%
Computer and information systems managers $54.86 $114,100 +17%
Financial managers $49.44 $102,800 +12%
Marketing managers $56.60 $117,700 +12%
Medical and health services managers $37.54 $78,100 +25%
Public relations managers $44.47 $92,500 +20%
Purchasing managers $46.26 $96,200 +15%
Sales managers $49.80 $103,600 +19%