DCCCD News http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/ Latest DCCCD News en-us Sun, 02 Aug 2015 03:20:19 -0500 60 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/_layouts/images/homepage.gif DCCCD News http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/ Report Says Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Initiative Benefits Small Business Owners, Communities in DFW Area http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/10KSB-07-31-15.aspx Almost 100 North Texas small business owners have participated in the program, which DCCCD hosts in the DFW area. Release date: July 27, 2015 Fri, 31 Jul 2015 17:02:43 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/10KSB-07-31-15.aspx 10,000 Small Businesses Participant Voted ‘Best of 2015 Dallas A-List’ http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/10KSBpaulaGuthrie07-30-15.aspx Paula Guthrie, owner of Bodacious Boutique, hopes to take her success to the next level with the help of 10,000 Small Businesses. Release date: July 27, 2015 Fri, 31 Jul 2015 16:53:18 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/10KSBpaulaGuthrie07-30-15.aspx Register Now for Fall Credit Classes http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/FallReg06-02-15.aspx Regular registration (for all students) started Monday, June 22. Release date: June 2, 2015; updated: July 30, 2015 Thu, 30 Jul 2015 16:41:39 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/FallReg06-02-15.aspx College News http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/College-News.aspx View news from the colleges of DCCCD. Tue, 28 Jul 2015 15:51:27 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/College-News.aspx DCCCD Recognized for Financial Transparency http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/FinTransAward07-27-15.aspx For the third consecutive year, DCCCD has been awarded a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association. Release date: July 27, 2015 Mon, 27 Jul 2015 23:11:39 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/FinTransAward07-27-15.aspx Brookhaven College Hosts Gem, Mineral Show and Workshops http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/BHCgemShow07-15-15.aspx The show is free and open to the public; join us Saturday, July 25, and Sunday, July 26. Release date: July 15, 2015 Fri, 17 Jul 2015 17:28:57 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/BHCgemShow07-15-15.aspx Eastfield College Brews Up New Jobs With Journeyman Certificate http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/EFCbrewing07-17-15.aspx A six-week, hands-on course gives students the training brewers look for in new employees in an industry short on skilled personnel. Release date: July 15, 2015 Fri, 17 Jul 2015 16:48:13 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/EFCbrewing07-17-15.aspx Registration News http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/RegNews2012.aspx Get all the latest news about registering for classes. Wed, 15 Jul 2015 19:12:25 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/RegNews2012.aspx Mountain View College Launches Sustainable Community Workshops http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/MVCsustWorkshops07-09-15.aspx Learn about aquaponics, square-foot gardening or composting. Tickets range from $15 to $65. Release date: July 9, 2015 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 20:52:45 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/MVCsustWorkshops07-09-15.aspx El Centro College, Texas A&M University Launch New Engineering Academy http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/ECCengineering07-01-15.aspx Students in the program will spend the first two years of study at El Centro but will be co-enrolled in the Texas A&M Dwight Look College of Engineering. Release date: June 26, 2015 Wed, 01 Jul 2015 15:16:52 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/ECCengineering07-01-15.aspx Survivors Who Never Gave Up: DCCCD’s New Kramp Scholarship Recipients Show Courage, Perseverance http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/KrampSchol06-19-15.aspx Four students of the colleges of DCCCD were recognized as 2015-2016 recipients of the Erin Tierney Kramp Endowed Scholarship Award during a special dinner on Tuesday, June 23, 2015. Fri, 26 Jun 2015 15:48:27 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/KrampSchol06-19-15.aspx DCCCD Presents Free Area Health Care Career Fair http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/HeathCareCareerFair06-19-15.aspx The career fair will be held Thursday, June 25, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Irving Convention Center, located at 500 W. Las Colinas Blvd. Release date: June 18, 2015 Fri, 19 Jun 2015 17:29:12 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/HeathCareCareerFair06-19-15.aspx DCCCD Students Explore the Final Frontier Through NASA Program http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/Nasa06-08-15.aspx The NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars program is accepting applications from DCCCD students until 5 p.m. on June 24. Release date: June 5, 2015 Wed, 10 Jun 2015 21:11:16 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/Nasa06-08-15.aspx DCCCD Colleges Receive Job Training Grants http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/Grants06-05-15.aspx Cedar Valley and El Centro colleges recently received grants that will help provide training opportunities that support jobs and workforce development. Release date: June 5, 2015 Fri, 05 Jun 2015 21:12:54 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/Grants06-05-15.aspx Small Business Owners: Register for Free 10,000 Small Businesses Program by June 8 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/10KSB06-03-15.aspx Learn about managing and expanding your business through this free program. Classes begin Sept. 11. Release date: June 3, 2015 Wed, 03 Jun 2015 22:31:20 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/10KSB06-03-15.aspx DCCCD Colleges Offer Summer Fun, Classes for Kids http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/SummerCamps05-28-15.aspx From art to robotics, gymnastics to Spanish, there's a camp for just about any kid's interest being offered this year. Release date: May 28, 2015 Thu, 28 May 2015 19:35:48 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/SummerCamps05-28-15.aspx DCCCD, JPMorgan Chase Partner to Solve Skills Gap in DFW http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/JPMorganChase05-22-15.aspx Training programs being offered thanks to the partnership aim to prepare workers for higher-paying jobs. Release date: May 21, 2015 Fri, 22 May 2015 18:55:14 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/JPMorganChase05-22-15.aspx Aspiring DCCCD Students in Arts, Music and Creative Writing Receive Awards http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/ArtsAwards05-08-15.aspx Fourteen Dallas County Community College District students, each one exceling in music, visual arts or the written word, recently received awards established by a local family who is deeply passionate about the arts. Release date: May 1, 2015 Fri, 08 May 2015 16:25:50 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/ArtsAwards05-08-15.aspx DCCCD Graduates Include College, High School Students http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/Graduation05-05-15.aspx Graduation ceremonies for all seven colleges of DCCCD have been set; they will take place May 9-17. Release date: May 4, 2015 Thu, 07 May 2015 20:12:43 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/Graduation05-05-15.aspx Financial Aid News http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/FANews06-14-11.aspx Read the latest updates about DCCCD financial aid. Wed, 06 May 2015 23:03:54 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/FANews06-14-11.aspx North Texas SBDC Partners With Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas on Annual Poll http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/SmallBizSurvey05-05-15.aspx Employees with interpersonal skills are the top need cited by small businesses in Texas, based on a poll released May 4. Release date: May 5, 2015 Tue, 05 May 2015 22:30:14 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/SmallBizSurvey05-05-15.aspx Flex Term Classes Available http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/FlexAvailable08-25-11.aspx Remember, if you miss the registration cutoff for regular-schedule classes, you can still sign up for Flex Term classes. Thu, 15 Jan 2015 16:54:56 -0600 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/FlexAvailable08-25-11.aspx New Rule Limits Amount of Time for Loans http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/NewLoanRule05-16-14.aspx If you are a first-time borrower on or after July 1, 2013, there is a limit on the maximum period of time that you can receive Federal Direct Subsidized Loans. Fri, 16 May 2014 21:59:42 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/NewLoanRule05-16-14.aspx Can’t Register Online? Find Out Why http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/CantReg.aspx You may not be able to register online for a number of reasons. Learn the about most common ones. Tue, 05 Nov 2013 15:44:20 -0500 http://www.dcccd.edu/AU/MedRelate/News/Pages/CantReg.aspx