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Work Groups

Work groups consist of employees with a common and directed focus in an area of interest/importance to the district. Such groups share information and updates but have no regularly assigned decision-making responsibility. However, they may act as a committee or subcommittee reporting directly to a sponsoring or functional council on a short-term, action-based effort as assigned.

List of Work Groups
Communications Management Team
Learn about how the Communications Management Team works and how an email blast is initiated.
District Safety Team
The District Safety Team brings together those practitioners in the district with similar responsibilities and interest in the safety and/or security of students, employees and visitors.
Procurement Users Group
See the council page set up to distribute meeting minutes and list dates of meetings for the group.
Professional Counseling Workgroup
The Professional Counseling Workgroup is established to provide a forum for counsel and guidance to the Professional Counselors of the colleges of DCCCD.