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List of Councils

A council is a group of representatives from each of DCCCD’s colleges and locations who hold similar positions. Regular meetings are held to facilitate horizontal communication across the district. Council members work cooperatively on districtwide projects, share ideas and best practices, and stay abreast of the latest trends in their areas. In addition, “functional councils” may be formed by the chancellor or by the main councils; they report in general to the “sponsoring” council.

List of councils
The Chancellor's Staff
The Chancellor’s Staff is the senior level decision-making body within the Dallas County Community College District, chaired by the chancellor.
Academic Advising Council (AAC)
Learn about the function of the Academic Advising Council (AAC) at DCCCD.
Administrators Council
The Administrators Council (Admin Council) provides a forum for identifying opportunities to promote best practices.
Business Office Council
The Business Office Council's task is to ensure that DCCCD funds are handled in a fiscally responsible manner at each college and location.
CE Deans Council
The CE Deans Council advises the Vice Presidents Council about Continuing Education issues, reviews proposed CE program curriculum and serves as a resource to CE faculty and staff.
Disability Services Council
The Disabilities Services Council is established to ensure compliance with federal and state laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act.
Distance Education and Learning Technology Council
The council shares information and helps plan distance and blended learning at the colleges of DCCCD.
District Information Technology Strategic Planning Committee
The District Information Technology Strategic Planning Committee develops recommendations for use of information technologies in the Dallas County Community College District.
District Law Enforcement Council
The District Law Enforcement Council's purpose is to help foster districtwide safety.
District Safety Resource Council
The District Safety Resource Council advises the Chancellor’s Advisory Group regarding resources to address fast-paced incidents that affect the life and safety of district students, employees and visitors.
Dual Credit Council
The Dual Credit Council ensures that the seven DCCCD colleges are consistent in enforcing requirements of the dual credit partnerships we have with secondary schools.
Facilities Service Council
The Facilities Service Council meets to share information about planning, development and modification of DCCCD's physical facilities.
Health Services Council
The DCCCD Health Services Council serves to meet the health and wellness needs of the student body, employees, and community members among each of the college campuses.
Human Resources Director's Council
The Human Resources Director's Council sponsors collaboration between location and District Office HR leaders.
Information Privacy and Security Council
This committee is responsible for the strategic planning efforts for information privacy and security compliance.
Information Technology Council
The Information Technology Council coordinates operational practices to provide consistent information technology services for the district’s students, faculty, and staff.
Institutional Research Council
Institutional Research Council supports the DCCCD leadership’s data-informed decision-making.
ISA (International Student Advisers) Council
The International Student Advisors Council helps the district stay abreast of issues involving international students.
Library Directors Council
The Library Directors Council provides leadership and guidance in all issues common to the DCCCD libraries.
Marketing and Communications Council
Find out about the Marketing and Communications Council, see a list of members and read meeting minutes.
Organizational Development Council
The Organizational Development Council meets to communicate, collaborate and make recommendations about the training and professional development needs.
PSSA Executive Council
The PSS Executive Council serves as the executive body of the district employees' Professional Support Staff Association (PSSA).
Registrars Council
The Registrars Council is charged with ensuring consistency among the colleges of DCCCD regarding student admission and registration requirements.
Senior Resource Development Officers Council
The Senior Resource Development Officers Council makes recommendations regarding funding opportunities.
Student Life Council
Read about the responsibilities of the Student Life Council.
TechEd Council
The TechEd Council advises the Vice Presidents Council on Career/Technical Education (CTE) issues.
Testing Center Council
Read about the function of the Testing Center Council.
Texas Success Initiative (College Readiness) Council
The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Council helps ensure that the colleges of DCCCD comply with legislative and regulatory mandates and changes to the Texas Success Initiative.
Veterans Affairs and Active Military Council
The DCCCD Veterans Affairs and Active Military Council is charged with establishing procedures and solving issues in the district for processing educational benefits for veterans and their dependents.
Vice Presidents of Business Services Council
The Vice Presidents of Business Services' (VPBS) task is to recommend business policy regarding financial procedures and issues.
Vice Presidents Council
The Vice Presidents Council has broad authority to help improve policies or recommend new ones involving academic and student affairs.